I have always loved books.  As a child, I remember hiding books under my bedsheets and reading by torchlight long after bedtime.

Although these days I don’t read as much as I would like, that early love of books has stayed with me, and evolved into a desire to present some of my own artwork in book format.

Studying initially under John Blakemore and Dave Paddy, I have embraced the art of bookbinding and the creative possibilities that it offers. I love the fact that the handcrafted book allows full artistic control; from design and sequencing to printing and production.

Due to the time and dedication involved in making a book, only a very limited number can be produced, and  no two books will be the same, the hand of the artist evident in each carefully-crafted volume.

Each of my books is entirely handmade, using a variety of different binding techniques and the images, unless otherwise indicated, are hand-printed using archival inks, fine art papers and delicate Japanese tissues.


Exhibits, Book Art Fairs and Collections

– ‘Qalupalik’ is on permanent display at The Last Supper Gallery, London.

– ‘Qalupalik’ is held in the collection of artists’ books at the Kunstmuseum , Ilulissat, Greenland

–  ‘Birds of Passage’, ‘Entwined’, ‘Qalupalik’, ‘Shifting Sands’, ‘Notes from a Neap Tide’ and ‘Siku| Sea Ice’ have been acquired for private collections in the US and Europe.

–  Print Stuff / LensThink Yorkshire, Group exhibition, 2018