Edition of 30, 2 remaining

Artist Edition, Handmade Photobook. February 2018. Exhibited in York during the Lensthink Yorkshire photo book festival,  April 2018. A copy is on permanent display at the Kunst Museum in Ilulissat, Greenland and can also be seen / purchased at The Last Supper Gallery, London.

"In Inuit mythology, the story of the otherworldly Qalupalik is told by Inuit parents to prevent children from wandering too close to the dangerous shorelines.  These sea-dwelling creatures with long hair and green skin, hide beneath the surface of the freezing Arctic waters .... In September 2017 I journeyed north by fishing boat from Disko Bay in West Greenland to remote Ikerasak Fjord. Large fragments of drifting ice sliced through the black arctic waters, reaching far below the surface of the water into a mysterious third dimension."


  • Hand-crafted, hardback book.

  • Leporello binding, 17 pages, with 12 images and accompanying text.

  • Collector's edition of 30. Signed and numbered.

  • Includes a limited edition print from the Qalupalik series, printed by the artist using archival materials.

  • Book is housed in a custom-made acrylic box, designed and assembled by the artist.  8mm frosted acrylic with 5mm clear acrylic sliding lid.

  • Overall book size is 180mm x 180mm.

  • Extends to 3 metres  when fully opened

  • Printed on 250gsm silk paper stock


QALUPALIK | Collector's Edition of 30 (2 remaining) £150

Price includes book & insured postage