SOLD OUT. One-off book. Edition 1 of 1, Handmade leporello bound book incorporating 10 originals cyanotype prints.

"Most days, as I have done for years, I walk the sands of the Dee Estuary in North West England and have become familiar with its tidal patterns, observing the frequent changes in this dynamic environment. The Estuary and north shore of the Wirral peninsula are gradually silting up, with mudflats and sandbanks continually shifting. A collection of original prints which were created during three days of neap tides in September 2020, on expanses of sandbank which would normally be flooded during higher tides. Neap tides occur twice a month at the time of the first and third quarter moons. They are generally the two lowest high tides of the month."


  • Hand-crafted, hardback book, leporello binding with maruishi hinges, 200mm x 210mm. Cover image reproduced from an original cyanotype created on the shores of the Dee Estuary

  • One-off handmade book. Edition 1 of 1

  • 12 pages, with 10 original cyanotypes, each 8cm x8cm, window mounted.

  • Housed in a handcrafted presentation box, designed and custom-made by the artist.  205mm x 2155mm. Somerset paper, sealed with cold wax medium.