Edition of 3, SOLD OUT

Handmade leporello bound book, reproductions of 11 cyanotype prints, plus original cyanotype/mixed media piece. Handmade presentation box. November 2020.

"The littoral zone, the area that lies between land and sea, is a dynamic, shifting space. I have long been fascinated by its transient beauty.

My home, at the tip of the Wirral peninsula in North West England, is a stone’s throw from the beach. A mile out from land, as the sea ebbs and flows on the neap tides, temporary sandbanks are formed. Encircled by seawater, these sandbars, normally submerged during higher tides, briefly become my own private islands.

This collection is part of a larger series of works started in 2017 and created using a process which has offered me a more direct, physical way of engaging with the littoral landscape. Working out on the sandbanks, light sensitive materials are exposed to the elements. Waves and wind, sunlight and sand all leave their imprint; the tiniest of details permanently etched upon the papers. Each print is the result of a unique set of conditions at one particular moment in time – a fleeting representation of an ever-changing landscape."


  • Hand-crafted, hardback book, leporello binding with two opening covers, 200mm x 205mm x 33mm. Cover image reproduced from an original cyanotype.

  • Limited edition of 3 plus 1 artist's proof (not for sale). Made to order, Signed and numbered.

  • 14 pages, with reproductions of 11 miniature cyanotypes, printed on 310gsm fine art paper. Extends to 2900mm when fully opened.

  • The attached back section of the book incorporates an unique mixed media artwork which is mounted in an internal frame (a choice from three individual pieces which have been created - one for each limited edition book)

  • Housed in a bespoke presentation box, designed and handcrafted by the artist.  220mm x 225mm x 45mm. Somerset paper, sealed with cold wax medium.


NOTES FROM A SANDBANK - Limited Edition of 3, SOLD OUT


An original mixed media piece is housed at the rear of each book. Please email me with your preferred choice of artwork after you have completed payment (see images below)