Limited Edition of 10, Handmade leporello bound book incorporating reproductions of 12 miniature cyanotypes/mixed media pieces. Includes signed, original cyanotype / mixed media piece presented in an archival sleeve. April 2020.

(A book housing the original cyanotypes/mixed media was also created by the artist, but this is currently not for sale.)

"Although deeply rooted in my own coastal area, I have always felt a great sense of alignment with other seaward-facing communities. I have gradually been making my way further and further north, following the paths of the migratory birds that visit our Estuary each year and recent explorations have focused on remote northern edgelands. During a visit to Arctic Greenland in 2017 I made several large cyanotype prints but cast them aside as worthless. 27 months later, at the start of 2020, I felt inspired to look at them again. Now chopped and sliced into tiny pieces, perhaps they tell something of the far north after all.."


  • Hand-crafted, hardback book, leporello binding with maruishi hinges, 200mm x 250mm. Cover image reproduced from an original cyanotype created in arctic waters..

  • Limited edition of 10. Made to order, Signed and numbered.

  • 14 pages, with reproductions of 12 miniature cyanotypes, printed on fine art paper and window mounted.

  • Housed in a handcrafted 3/4 hardback slipcase, designed and custom-made by the artist.  210mm x 195mm. Somerset paper, sealed with cold wax medium.

  • The book comes with an original cyanotype/mixed media piece, 8cm x 6cm, mounted to 195mm x 250mm and presented in an archival sleeve.


SIKU | SEA ICE - Limited Edition of 10 (7 remaining). Plus original cyanotype/mixed media piece. £220

Price includes book & insured postage