In recent years I have been experimenting with new ways of presenting my work.  I have always loved books, particularly their tactile nature, and the fact that they can be produced utilising a wide range of materials and finishes.

Handmade photobooks provide an extremely creative approach to presenting series of work. They allow artistic control of every aspect; from design, sequencing, printing and production.

Due to the time and dedication involved in making a book, only a very limited number can be produced.  I love the fact that no two books will be the same, the hand of the artist evident in each carefully-crafted volume.

Exhibits & Book Art Fairs

– ‘Qalupalik’ is on permanent display at the Ilulissat Art Museum, Western Greenland and  The Last Supper Gallery, London.
–  Print Stuff / LensThink Yorkshire, Group exhibition, 2018




Artist Edition of 5, Handmade book incorporating 20 photographs and unique encaustic piece.   February 2019.

“Between September and February, tens of thousands of migratory birds visit the beaches and mudflats of the Dee Estuary, near my home at the tip of the Wirral peninsula in North West England.  Travelling from their summer breeding grounds in the arctic, they journey vast distances to overwinter in warmer climes.  Arriving slowly at first, and then in huge numbers, the air is often filled with clouds of knot, dunlin, oystercatcher, sanderling and redshank. A blizzard of birds, their lines of flight connecting me to northern lands.  I wonder what sights these world travellers must have seen and what tales they could tell. All too soon, they depart, continuing on their migratory paths, leaving only feathers washed in on the tide and temporary traces in the sand. The beach seems lonelier without them….”

  • Hand-crafted, hardback book, 220mm x 220mm, cloth-covered in ‘stone’ grey and titled in pigment ink.
  • Artist edition of 5. Made to order, Signed and numbered.
  • 46 pages, with 20 photographic images, text and incorporating unique encaustic piece (feather of oystercatcher encased in wax)
  • Hand-stitched Swiss binding, exposed spine.
  • Internal pages are archival pigment prints on Japanese Awagami papers (70gsm and 125gsm).   Interleaved page of Japanese Unryu tissue.  Murano endpapers.
  • The rear of the book incorporates an encaustic piece, mounted inside a specially-constructed 10mm deep frame. Covered with Japanese papers and attached to the book block.
  • Housed in a handcrafted presentation box, designed and custom-made by the artist.  320mm x 320mm. Murano papers and bookcloth in twine grey.

BIRDS OF PASSAGE | Artists Edition of 5

Price includes book & insured postage



Artist Edition of 5, Handmade Photobook. August 2018. (3 remaining)

“Each year I welcome the arrival of migratory birds to the windswept shores of the Dee Estuary, their pathways of flight connecting me to distant lands.  The beach seems quieter and lonelier during the months they are gone, but in my small, walled garden, activity continues throughout the year.  Blackbirds, chaffinches and sparrows mark the passing of the seasons, building nests and raising their young in these temporary homes. Most often concealed from our view, each nest is perfectly suited to its task….  There may a thousand different pieces, all intricately woven and carefully collected. In time the fledglings take to the wing, abandoning their nests.  Caught by a west coast breeze and fallen from the sky, their feathers come to rest in amongst the sea grasses…

In this collection, I wanted to convey something of the beauty of what is left behind, the only trace of birds that we can get close to.  In the delicate tangle of found feathers and empty nests, we are reminded of the value of connecting to the natural world that surrounds us.”

  • Hand-crafted, hardback book, 255mm x 220mm.
  • Artist edition of 5. Made to order, Signed and numbered.
  • 55 pages, with 26 images and accompanying text.
  • Cloth-covered hardback with printed title and hand-embellished motif, leporello binding, hand-stitched using waxed linen threads
  • Printed on Japanese Awagami papers with pigment inks.  Selected pages printed on Fedrigoni satin.  Interleaved with Japanese Unryu Palomino tissue and hand-embellished Murano papers.  Khadi Bhutanese endpapers.
  • Housed in a handcrafted presentation box, designed and custom-made by the artist.  270mm x 230mm, using handmade Khadi Bhutan and delicate Unryu Palomino papers from India and Japan.

ENTWINED | Artist Edition of 5 (2 remaining)

Price includes book & insured postage




Artist Edition, Handmade Photobook. February 2018.

Exhibited in York during the Lensthink Yorkshire photo book festival,  April 2018.
A copy is on permanent display at the Kunst Museum in Ilulissat, Greenland and can also be seen / purchased at The Last Supper Gallery, London.

“In Inuit mythology, the story of the otherworldly Qalupalik is told by Inuit parents to prevent children from wandering too close to the dangerous shorelines.  These sea-dwelling creatures with long hair and green skin, hide beneath the surface of the freezing Arctic waters ….

In September 2017 I journeyed north by fishing boat from Disko Bay in West Greenland to remote Ikerasak Fjord. Large fragments of drifting ice sliced through the black arctic waters, reaching far below the surface of the water into a mysterious third dimension.”

  • Hand-crafted, hardback book.
  • Leporello binding, 17 pages, with 12 images and accompanying text.
  • Collector’s edition of 30. Signed and numbered.
  • Includes a limited edition print from the Qalupalik series, printed by the artist using archival materials.
  • Book is housed in a custom-made acrylic box, designed and assembled by the artist.  8mm frosted acrylic with 5mm clear acrylic sliding lid.
  • Overall book size is 180mm x 180mm.
  • Extends to 3 metres  when fully opened
  • Printed on 250gsm silk paper stock


QALUPALIK | Collector’s Edition of 30

Price includes book & insured postage



A collection of images from my Shifting Sands series.  At the most north-westerly point of the Wirral peninsula, the shoreline is gradually retreating.  Strong winds sweep in from across the Irish Sea, shaping the coastal landscape and transforming the beaches into shifting seas of sand.

  • Hand-crafted, hardback book, presented in a photo-illustrated slipcase
  • Drum binding, 24 pages, with 12 images and accompanying text.
  • Limited edition of 15 plus 2 Artists Proofs.  Signed and numbered.
  • Overall book size is 210mm x 145mm
  • Hand-printed using archival matte fine art papers.

SHIFTING SANDS | Limited Edition of 15 (5 remaining)

Price includes book & insured postage




The Collector’s Edition of 5 is sold out, but I have released 2 Artist’s Proofs which are now available for purchase. (Update 1st May 2018: one Artist’s Proof remaining)
An exploration of winter light, form and colour; a series of images from the remote Eastern Fjords of Iceland
  • Hand-crafted, portfolio-style book, 57 pages, with 32 images and accompanying text.
  • Limited edition of 5.  Plus 2 Artists Proofs. Signed and numbered.
  • Overall book size is 260mm x 250m.
  • Hand-printed using archival matte fine art papers.
  • Selected images have been printed using delicate Japanese Unryu papers with vellum interleaving.
  • Cloth-covered, casebound (hardback) cover, bound with hand-stitching using waxed linen thread.


ICELAND: EASTWARD| Collector’s Edition, Artist’s Proof

Price includes book & insured postage